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    You can include the cost of rooftop solar installation in your home loan; even additional loan is easily available under priority sector lending
  2. 2
    Power generation capacity increase exceeded the target by 27% (22,566 MW vs 17,830 MW) in last one year
  3. 3
    Transmission capacity increase exceeded the target by 37% in the last year
  4. 4
    Rs. 15 lakh crores of investments are planned in the power, coal and new & renewable energy sector, over five years
  5. 5
    Compared to abysmally low growth earlier, Coal despatch to power sector by Coal India grew by 9% in last year
  6. 6
    Per capita consumption in India crossed 1000 units in 2014-15
  7. 7
    UPA Coal Crisis: Coal production grew annually at only 1.5% vs 14.3% growth in installed capacity of coal based power plants between 2010-14
  8. 8
    From realization of less than 1% of solar potential earlier to 5 times increase in capacity addition target in the last one year
  9. 9
    From 28 crore people without access to power vs rapid march towards 24X7 power for all under Modi Sarkar
  10. 10
    2012 saw the largest power outage in history with 62 crore people losing power in India; now sufficient safeguards have been put in place to ensure it is not repeated
  11. 11
    Distribution Dilemma: DisComs losing Rs. 70,000 crores annually and have accumulated losses of over Rs. 250,000 crores
  12. 12
    Over 90,000 street lights were replaced in Vishakhapatnam within three months, saving 45 lakh units of power
  13. 13
    Energy efficient buildings run by EESL save 43 lakh units of power annually
  14. 14
    LED bulbs last more than 50 times longer than ordinary bulbs & 8-10 times longer than CFLs
  15. 15
    By replacing domestic bulbs with LEDs, India will save 5,000 MW, more than the power generated from an Ultra Mega Power Plant
  16. 16
    Lighting sector accounts for about 20% of the total energy consumption in India
  17. 17
    If all bulbs in India are changed to LEDs, we can save 40,000 MW, almost 1/6 of India's installed power capacity
  18. 18
    Converting India's 3 crore streetlights to LEDs can save 500 crore units of power and Rs. 3,000 crore every year
  19. 19
    LED streetlights can reduce power consumption by around 50%
  20. 20
    Power saving of 37% has been achieved through high efficiency farm pumpsets in Hubli, Karnataka
  21. 21
    EESL projects have helped avoid capacity addition of 285 MW in 2014-15
  22. 22
    World's largest renewable energy financing meet RE-Invest generated huge commitments to "Make in India" and Invest in India
  23. 23
    Jai Jawan: 300 MW of grid connected solar projects to be established at defence establishments. Solarisation of Indo-Pak border ongoing
  24. 24
    Canal Solar: Save land & water while generating local power through canal top solar plants. 100 MW canal top solar capacity being setup
  25. 25
    Sixteen transmission schemes worth Rs 34,133 crores have been approved for implementation under Tariff Based Competitive Bidding (TBCB)
  26. 26
    Coal India production grew by 3.2 crore tonnes which was higher than the growth in the past four years combined
  27. 27
    19% growth in coal exploration (8.28 lakh meters vs 6.97 lakh meters) in 2014-15 with plans to increase to 25 lakh meters
  28. 28
    15660 villages were electrified in the last year exceeding the target of 15000 villages
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