1. 1
    First ever auction and allocation of coal linkages through shakti (scheme for harnessing and allocation koyala transparently in india)
  2. 2
    Highest ever coal production with an increase of 9.2 CR. tonnes in 2014-17
  3. 3
    Amount of coal required to generate per unit of electricity has reduced by 8% between 2014-17
  4. 4
    First ever e-auction and allocation of 84 coal mines
  5. 5
    First ever time power surplus with no shortage of electricity or coal
  6. 6
    First time ever, india's rank in world bank's ease of doing business index in "Getting Electricity" rose to 26 in 2017 from 99 in 2015
  7. 7
    Brighter india, better india nasa night time images show india in whole new light (2016 vs. 2012)
  8. 8
    Highest ever conventional capacity of 60 GW added in 2014-17
  9. 9
    First time ever, commitment received from all states for achieving 24X7 power for all
  10. 10
    First time ever, one nation once grid one price achieved in december 2015
  11. 11
    Highest ever increase in transformation capacity of about 40% from 5.3 lakh MVA in march 2014 to 7.4 lakh MVA in march 2017
  12. 12
    Highest ever increase transmission lines of over one-fourth from 2.9 lakh CKM in march 2014 to 3.7 lakh CKM in march 2017
  13. 13
    Ujala world's largest led distribution scheme over 24 CR. led Bulbs distribution by june 2017
  14. 14
    First time ever, mapping of households for tracking electrification through GARV
  15. 15
    First ever common helpline number 1912 for consumer complanints to discoms
  16. 16
    First time ever, net addition in installed capacity of renewable Exceeded that of conventional power in 2016-17
  17. 17
    Lowest ever wind tariff of Rs.3.46 per unit achieved in 2016-17
  18. 18
    Lowest ever solar tariff of Rs.2.44 per unit achieved in 2016-17
  19. 19
    World's largest ground-based solar plant and world's largest rooftop solar plant are both in india
  20. 20
    First time ever, national mineral exploration policy for prioritising exploration
  21. 21
    First ever transparent & accountable auction of mineral blocks
  22. 22
    First time ever, revenue from mining auctions specifically allocated for welfare of mining affected people and areas
  23. 23
    Mobile apps launched for transparency, accountability and public convenience download by giving missed call to 18002003004
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